Height difference:

1236-2518 m

Track length:

175 km


4 December — 11 April

The Val Gardena (Gröden) resort is located in northern Italy in Val Gardena (Gröden) (Trentino-Alto Adige, Alto Adige region). There are 175 km of trails for skiing and snowboarding. 79 lifts lead to them. The winter sports complex is located between 1236 and 2518 meters above sea level.

Located in the heart of the Alto Adige mountain area, the Val Gardena complex offers its guests an unforgettable holiday. This is skiing on the famous Salong track, where competitions for the World Cup are held, as well as skiing on other TOP-level tracks for which Val Gardena is famous. Moreover, there are interesting tracks for every level of training. At the entrance to the resort, you can already see the latest type of lifts. The “strongest” and most famous of them is the Piz Setëur cabin lift for 10 people, with maximum comfort, safety and power. Through the Sellaronda 40 km ring track, this ski complex connects The giant Dolomites ski area is superb. Skiers of high skill level can enjoy the quality and quantity of the variety of slopes. Another hallmark of Val Gardena is the delicious and hearty cuisine of the Dolomites, the dishes of which are present in local restaurants.

Working Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
08:30 — 16:30 08:30 — 16:30 08:30 — 16:30 08:30 — 16:30 08:30 — 16:30 08:30 — 16:30 08:30 — 16:30


Most often, the ski season here lasts from early December to mid April.

Ski pass prices

Day ski pass in high season worth € 57 for an adult, € 57 for children and € 41 for youth.



52 km


105 km


18 km

Total length of tracks 175 km. The vertical drop is 1282 meters. Ski slopes are prepared by snow groomers. The resort has snow cannons. In total, the resort has 630 snow cannons that cover 98% of the slopes. In the dark, the area and ski tracks are illuminated. Beginners can use the services of experienced instructors.

Mount Sassolungo has trails for all types of difficulty. Shallow and almost steep, simple and extremely difficult descents alternate, giving an alternative to all skiers. As the trails of Val Gardena connect with those of other resorts on the neighboring mountains: Val di Fassa, Arabba / Marmolada and Alta Badia, the offer for skiers and snowboarders is truly endless – about 500 km of trails.

Everyone who has gotten to know their “home” slopes in the slightest degree goes to Sellaronda. This piste encircles and connects the huge ski resorts in this part of the Dolomites. By itself, it is not so interesting, its main purpose is to make it possible to quickly get from one part to another, for example, from Selva to quickly get to Santa Cristina. Those heading to the Sellaronda trail from Ortisei must first climb Seceda (2518 m) and then descend to Santa Cristina. Here, in Santa Cristina, you need to take the Val Gardena Ronda Express cable car and in a few minutes it will bring you to Sellaronda.

The grandiose winter sports complex Val Gardena also offers funslope and various competitions, including speed measurements. Mountain landscapes here are picturesque and majestic, the Dolomites are not for nothing considered the most beautiful in Europe and are part of the UNESCO heritage.

Longest piste: Seceda-Ortisei (La Longia), Length 10.5 km, Vertical drop 1283 m

Hardest track: Saslong, Length 3.4 km, Vertical drop 839 m

Interesting tracks

Of course, this is primarily Saslong, which is a legend in ski sports. Every year, a few days before Christmas, she invites some of the world’s most famous and prestigious downhill competitions. The trail starts near the Ciampinoi cable car station above Selva. Perfectly prepared, with wide bends, it passes through hills and alpine meadows and ends just before the Santa Cristina cable car station.

  • Ciampinoi-Selva
  • Dantercepies
  • Sotsaslong

The most interesting ski routes

Take the Sellaronda panoramic road. It takes 5-6 hours, during which you cross the ski areas of the resorts of Alta Badia, Arabba / Marmolada e Val di Fassa. The Sellarond can be driven back and forth. The “orange” track leads clockwise and is more complex, the “green” track is simpler and counterclockwise.

In addition to Sellaronda, there is also a ring track of the resort, it is called Val Gardena ronda, it combines the most interesting tracks of the ski complex and is panoramic in terms of views of the Dolomites.

Culturonda is a guided ski tour that takes you to the famous places of Val Gardena.

The tracks of the World Championship ’70 – 50 years have passed since these tracks went down in history at the competitions in 1970, and this route of the ski tour is still in great demand. Currently, the ’70 slopes are not open to everyone, visiting them is exclusive. The tour takes all day, it starts from Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva and gives you the full experience of the spirit of the World Championship!


Baby lift:


T-bar lift:




Gondola lift:


Tramway lift:


The Val Gardena ski resort and the Sellaronda ring track are equipped with the latest cable cars and chairlifts, mostly protected from bad weather. Vacationers are taken to the top 84 lifts: 4 aerial tramway, 10 gondola lift, 41 chairlift and 23 t-bar lift. There are 6 children’s lifts for beginners and children. The total length of the cable cars is 725 km, which are capable of transporting up to 124894 passengers/hour.


Where to stay near the resort:

  • Ortisei (St. Ulrich) (0.5 km)
  • Selva di Val Gardena (Wolkenstein) (0.5 km)
  • Santa Cristina (St. Christina) (0.7 km)

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